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Many people think immediately of Atlantic City or Las Vegas when they hear the word "gambling." Especially in the United States these areas seem like the main gambling destinations. For those who desire Las Vegas charm in an international atmosphere, there are casinos worldwide that are decorated in a Las Vegas style.

However, there are a host of other places to gamble all over the world. Many are in the proximity of breathtaking tropical destinations. Why not combine gambling with a regular vacation? While gambling is a main activity in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, there are other destinations with plenty of gambling as well as other amusing things to do.

Many of the casinos in the rest of the world are located in luxurious resorts with beaches, hotel rooms, pools, spas, fine dining and more. Resorts in the Bahamas and the Puerto Rico offer outstanding gaming as well as incredible beach access.

For those who enjoy cruises, there are several cruise lines with casino boats that head to exotic destinations all over the world. Even though the boats have casinos they still offer every other cruise accommodation such as outstanding food, amusing stops and high-quality entertainment. Many gambling cruises leave from the states of California and Washington. Most of the casinos in these two states are owned by Native American tribes. Because of the popularity of bingo among Native Americans, most of the casinos offer special bingo areas for people who love trying their luck at this game of chance.

Monte Carlo is the site for some of the most historic and luxurious gambling. A casino there was one of the first high-end European gaming establishments. Therefore, much of it is lavishly decorated and almost every kind of gambling can be found there.

Most of the casinos in Egypt are within close proximity of other cultural sites. The pyramids, museums and shopping are all unbelievably close to outstanding resorts. Almost all of the resorts are surrounded by acres of lush gardens.

The casinos in Canada are decorated in varying styles. Some feature beautiful paintings inside as well as amusing themes. Others are done in a Las Vegas style and feature glitzy entertainment and shows.


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