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Gambling In The United Kingdom

All of the casinos in the United Kingdom must follow rules set up by the Gaming Board of Great Britain. They also have their own house rules. To enter a casino, a person must be 18 years of age and a member. Membership is usually free, though. People can apply for membership in person, by mail, fax or by e-mail. The application for membership usually includes a signature, name and address and a statement that you are over 18. Once players apply for membership, there is a mandatory 24-hour “cooling off” period. When this time period has passed the applicant is a member and he or she enjoys full use of the casino. On the new member’s first visit he or she must produce two forms of identification. There are a lot of casinos throughout the United Kingdom.

Gala Casinos owns 28 casinos throughout the United Kingdom. Five of Gala’s casinos are located in London; one is in Wales, seven are in Scotland, one is in Bristol, and the rest are located throughout England. In addition to slots Gala’s casinos feature many different types of gaming tables.

Grosvenor Casinos owns 33 casinos in the United Kingdom and most of them are open 24 hours. Once a person is a member at Grosvenor he or she can bring up to six guests when he or she comes to the casino. The guests must bring two forms of identification with them. Players are allowed to bring their drinks to the tables while they gamble. There are two kinds of chips at Grosvenor, color chips and cash chips. The color chips are used in American roulette. They come in a variety of different colors so that the dealer can tell to whom the chips belong. Only one person can use one color at one time. The color chips are only used during the game and when it’s finished the dealer converts them to cash chips. The rest of the casino games are played with cash chips. These are chips that represent different cash values. Tables have minimum and maximum bets that vary from table to table.


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