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Gambling In Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo has always been known as a meeting place for the elite transnational class. The entire area is set up like a resort with sports, restaurants, shops and everything a high-class traveler could desire. Monte Carlo is an outstanding place to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous.

The Monte Carlo Casino was built in 1878 by Charles Garnier, who also designed the famous opera house in Paris. The atrium is paved in marble and it is surrounded by 28 Ionic columns in onyx. The atrium leads to the Salle Garnier, which is furnished all in red and gold with ornate decorations and sculptures. Celebrated international performances have taken place in the Salle Garner for years. This casino is by far the most ornate in the world. The gaming rooms are adorned with stained glass windows, beautiful paintings and sculptures and elaborate decorations. Because the casino is so formal there is a dress code. Men must wear a shirt and tie in order to be admitted.

Night time is the right time in Monte Carlo. Although the casinos open in the early afternoon, the night is when things really heat up and the casinos are open until near dawn. The Opéra de Monte Carlo features high-quality performances and Le Sporting de Monte Carlo sponsors innovative dance shows. Le Cabaret offers beautiful musical performances.

One of the newest additions to Monte Carlo’s features is the Mystery Jackpot, which allows players the chance to win even if they don’t get the winning combinations. Slot machines with the “mystery” logo are part of the Mystery Jackpot Network. The machines are networked and the jackpot stops at a random combination of numbers. The gambler with the combination wins a prize whether or not they won their game.

Ten different table games are available to visitors. Some are American, others are European, and some are French. There are over 1,000 slot machines. The gambling is accompanied by lounges and bars serving the finest liquors and live entertainment such as cabarets.

The Thermes Marins de Monte Carlo spa is considered the most beautiful spa in all of Europe. The spa is situated so that it overlooks the sea and is bathed in sunlight 300 days a year. The employees at the spa are specially trained to combine ancient classic spa traditions with the latest marine therapy.


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